16 April 2018

Custom-made Frames!

By Georg, 5yo
My student's driver Jaime has been making custom made frames for my students works made from woiden mouldings he buys, cuts, and assemble! The students get to paint the frames after in the color that they want!
By Stella, age 9
By Georg and Stella

14 April 2018

13 April 2018

Earth Day at Arroceros Forest Park!

Join us on Sunday, April 15, as we join the rest of the world 
in celebrating Earth Day. No traffic so it's easy! and.. 
Entrance is free!

This little forest park was created in 1994 
by a bunch of women (mostly in their 70s) 
who proved that an empty lot (filled with debris) 
could be transformed into a dense forest 
which has attracted over 20 kinds of birds.  
Plant some trees, do some yoga, join a mindful walk, 
bring your dogs, your cameras, bicycles, binoculars (for birders), 
picnic mats, listen to buskers play music, 
play games with some street kids, 
and maybe even buy some affordable art by local artists. 

Fr. John Leydon of Malate Church (the most environmental priest I know) will be saying mass at 2pm. 

El Chupacabra, Andrew's Aussie Pies, 
Madge's Crumpets and Glen's 63North Craft beer 
and Rashmi's samosas among others, will be there

05 April 2018

More Sunflowers in my workshop!

By 3-year-old toddlers above
and 7yos below:
All beginners.
All done in an hour.
Acrylic on canvas.

02 April 2018

19 March 2018

Pettyjohn @Silverlens

Jon Pettyjohn
"Stoneware Terrain"
22 March - 21 April
Silverlens Gallery

17 March 2018