18 June 2018

MCAD Forum

30 June 2018, 3 PM
MCAD Multimedia Room

09 June 2018

Flashback with Stella

A wonderful memory when Stella was just 5 years old and learning how to draw and paint what she sees. She is now 9 years old and we never stopped our art session every week except when she is on holiday break abroad!

18 May 2018

Natl Museum of Natural History!

Now open to the public!

15 May 2018

Bridge at Sunset in my workshop!

By Soso, age 4

By Sofia, age 7

By Cecilia, age 9

By Cristina, age 10

By Sarah, adult

16 April 2018

Custom-made Frames!

By Georg, 5yo
My student's driver Jaime has been making custom made frames for my students works made from woiden mouldings he buys, cuts, and assemble! The students get to paint the frames after in the color that they want!
By Stella, age 9
By Georg and Stella

14 April 2018