10 August 2017

MaArte @The Pen

MaArte is an annual curated fundraising project of the 
Museum Foundation of the Philippines (MFPI)
that raises funds to support the National Museum.
Creations by Bettina Ocampo
StudioBohemia accessories and scarves designed by Jim Weaver
Yvette's Bags and teas by Tsaa Laya

09 August 2017

Kate Pocklington @Green Papaya

In 2015, the first ever record of a Sperm Whale in Singapore was made. While a fantastic scientific discovery, the whale had met a sad demise and was found floating, dead, cut up by a propeller and starved. The Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum set out on an endeavour to salvage the carcass, and preserve the bones as an historic icon of the region's vast natural world, while discovering more about how a whale made its way to the island state. In many countries it's possible to bury a 10.6 metre carcass and leave it to decompose, where the bones can later be dug up. Yet, in Singapore's ever changing landscape, it was impossible to find any area guaranteed for the necessary 3 years that would not be under risk of development. As such, Pocklington discusses her experience within the team who conducted the salvage and full, gruesome manual dissection of this beautiful creature of the deep, from shore to showcase. 
Kate Pocklington is the Head Conservator of the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum at National University Singapore. She studied fine art and graphic design, and later conservation and restoration at the University of Lincoln in the UK. Succeeding her graduations was her five-year ground work as natural history conservator in the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. Pocklington focuses on nature, societal change and the destructive (sometimes loving) human-nature parallels. This often creates a connection between her art and her career: preventing degradation, revitalising the past of science and nature, and looking behind and beyond. She currently has two active exhibitions in Singapore: Out of the Water which uses science to deconstruct and dissect global and local myths, and Buaya: The making of a non-myth, focusing on the Straits' ambivalent relationship with the native saltwater crocodile, where she also aims to reassess the species' population in Singapore.

07 August 2017


Readability as a primary goal of book design looks into fonts as well as production considerations, and results in a book that looks timeless and neutral or reflect its contents. The sensory aspect of a book's design can provide traction to the reader's experience of the object, even a challenge to it, so that the movement from data to information to knowledge happens. 

Join us on Saturday, 12 August for a talk with Baby Imperial of B+C Design. The talk is free and open to the public as part of the public programs. for The Library of Unread Books.

Baby Imperial is one half of Communications and Design Practice, B+C. They explore the intersection of communications, design and the visual arts, combining their capabilities in 2, 3 and 4-dimensional spheres of design and art. Their work as theater set, book and exhibition/graphic designers has received awards and nominations for awards.

04 August 2017

@Museo Pambata

We're calling on teens who want to make a difference through art! Join "Developing Youth Leadership Through the Arts," a workshop series that aims to empower youth through art. Through student facilitators from the Philippine High School for the Arts, participants can learn about various art forms that can be used for youth campaigns.

The workshop will be held on August 16 and 17. Each workshop costs Php 1,000 to register. You may also avail of a one-day pass for Php 1,700, or a 2-day pass for Php 2,000. For registration details, please contact the Programs Department (523-1797/98 loc. 103).

Help empower your fellow youth through art!

31 July 2017

Exploring Colors and Non-Colors

This one hour exercise with 5-year-old Sevi explores composition using masking tape to divide the board and for him to explore colors by mixing them. Like red and yellow for orange, yellow and white to make butter, red and white for pink, yellow and blue for green, and mixing primary colors to make brown! The fun part is for him to paint patterns on top of these colors!

Below is his choice to use the black background and use white as opposed to colors!
Acrylic paints on boards.

24 July 2017

19 July 2017

Autumn Colors with Toddlers!

Acrylic on canvas in an hour!

17 July 2017


July 25, 8 PM