14 February 2018

Beyond Myself @VargasMuseum

Beyond Myself explores Filipino migrants' aspirations for and investments in their own and others' futures in the Philippines. Specifically it draws on and curates art works and visual images produced mainly through a series of participatory workshops with Filipino migrants living and working in London and Hongkong. The arts-based workshops enabled participants, mainly Filipino care and domestic workers, to reflect on the different meanings of development and their contributions to that.

12 February 2018

Jay Yao @GalleriaDuemila

Jay Yao, Sloth Glazier
photography on chromaluxe print

Drawn from the majestic landscapes of Iceland and the dense cities in the Philippines, Jay showcases his stunning photographed works in his exhibit "The Low Hum of a Drone" ongoing at the Galleria Duemila until March 10, 2018. 

Sourced from technology and weaved with the astounding beauty of nature, Jay has captured each landscapes entirely in a single shot.

27 January 2018

Bridge at Sunset!

Ignacio, adult special student
Painting sunset scenes in my workshop is a fun and relaxing way to teach monochromatic skies from red to orange to yellow and doing several brush techniques to create patterns of grass, leaves, water, the sky all in an hour! Don't take my word for it and watch how my students did it!

Georg, 5yo

Alejandro, 6yo

Gianni, 12yo

Ines, 12yo

Stella, 9yo

Chelan, 12yo

04 November 2017

Blog Blast for Peace 2017

Sorry for the late upload of photos. 
We have somehow posted our musings for peace every year.
Now with most of the original hounds missing except for our rescued Hughes
and all the PetriCats, Heaven hums along.
Lugging our peace globe amidst a sick world.
And know that, no matter how vague or confusing, 
or whether our world is in order or not,
peace is something we simply create every day.
Sprinkling it over and over
until we are enveloped in it.
Here and now.

11 October 2017

10 October 2017

Komiket @Centris Elements

October 14-15 p, 9am-7pm, at Centris Elements QC

01 October 2017

Spanish Film Festival @Greenbelt3

By Instituto Cervantes
With subtitles. P100/film

18 September 2017

Sa Pantalan: Food and Heritage Festival

30 September 2017, 9am-3pm
Ted's Warehouse, Sta. Cruz, Laguna