27 November 2015

Aze Ong @CCP

"Liwanag is an odyssey that will take you through her life stages. The artist repurposes her past crochet art pieces and transforms them akin to a butterfly's metamorphosis. The audience is encouraged to interact with the hanging sculpture and to touch, feel, and play as they go from cocoon to cocoon. Drawing from her past experiences and her intuitive process, she ventures into the intimacy of her thoughts as they manifest in her works." - Ged Merino

26 November 2015

Orange Your World!

Orange your world to stop violence on women and children!

25 November 2015

Laro Lakbay Lasap @Hillside Cafe & Juice Bar

6 December, 1 - 6 pm

24 November 2015

Rooster in my Workshop!

Drawing, coloring, decorating, painting this elegant creature is a fun exercise for kids and adults because the decorative elements allow my students to explore their creativity in an hour! Look at some of their interpretations:

George, 3 years old.

Stella, 6yo

Jessica, 5yo

Stephanie, 10 yo

And here are works by kids ages 5 to 8.
Amanda, Kayla, Emma and Maia:

And by an adult PWD, Ignacio

22 November 2015

21 November 2015

Decorate Your Tote Bag!

Perfect for kids 5 years and up! I am sure that even adults would love to do this. I know I would. This activity was actually done by kids ages 2 to 8 in my workshop. I provided the materials and facilitated the workshop!

19 November 2015

Wasabi, Green Tea, and Oddy!

These are the names of the pet turtles of my student.
And they are the subject of her painting too!
Acrylic on canvas.

16 November 2015

Fish Random Doodle

One of my drawings, colored with watercolor pencils
and painted/blended with wet brush after.
A 15-minute challenge break.