24 March 2015

Apples on a Table

Painting done by an adult PWD in an hour in my workshop.

23 March 2015

Artists Welfare @ CCP

RSVP: Ryan Murillo 0927-5753531

21 March 2015

Hoya in my Hands

Part of my postcard collection for Kat Sloma's Liberate Your Art.

20 March 2015

Art in the Park!

Open to the Public!

19 March 2015

Ms. Moth

Part of my postcard entries for Kat Sloma's Liberate Your Art.

This is the story of Ms. Moth. She glides like this scary, itchy-looking worm around my house called Heaven. I dare not touch her because I was told that those spikes emit poison and can be lethal. And I often remind the hounds about it. But Ms. Moth minds her own business even with my constant stalking. Then, one day, she found a corner and started weaving a net around her and stayed in that cocoon for days! I kept watch. Day in and day out, I kept going back to that cocoon until people thought I went crazy watching the ceiling for hours! Until one day, at early dawn, I saw something moving from the cocoon and saw Ms. Moth emerged! I showed the images to my blog friends and someone said it is just a moth. Not some grand, colorful butterfly, but a moth. I was confused. I was not expecting anything grand or ordinary from the cocoon, but what came out was beautiful and worth all the hours of waiting. Ms. Moth is not a butterfly. Ms. Moth is a moth. What can be more special than that? 

For Samantha, Ignacio, and all the special people.
You are special just like me.
We are defined by our disability
but our disability
should not define us.

18 March 2015

17 March 2015

Filmmaking Workshop

4-day free workshop!
Limited slots.
Send a one-page synopsis of a story of a film you would like to make and one paragraph on why you want to attend the workshop, along with your personal details to:
with the subject "MMFF Workshop"

16 March 2015

Ms Dragonpie in Heaven

One of my photos for Kat Sloma's Liberate Your Art.

When Ms. Dragonpie met Mr. Fly
This one is for Lyne Nagele's photo meme The Weekly.

13 March 2015


Lecture by Jerrecho Pituk
19 March 2015, 2-4 PM