11 June 2007

Still Life & Objects

"Candle", on-the-spot painting on acrylic

Matthew Hernandez, age 5 (2004)

A one-hour session using acrylic paints, pastels or colored pencils. This session is a great exercise to practice drawing, brushwork and play of colors. Most of these students are beginners!
Just like in drawing, the basic tools are exercises on basic shapes using primary colors.

Chito Vergara, age 13 (2004)

Creating a composition using basic shapes:

Christine Dolendo, age 13 (2004)

Capturing objects as they see it:

Bea Ilagan, age 5 (2004)

Matthew Hernandez, age 5 (2004)

Adie Hernandez, age 6 (2007)

Matthew Hernandez, age 8 (2007)

Michiko Lokin, age 9 (2006)

Isabel Puno, age 6 (2006)

Dave Cruz, age 22 (2004).
Dave is my scholar who assisted in one of my workshop.
He painted the fountain display during one of my workshops!

Students create their own compositions:

Sabrina Garcia, age 5 (2004)

Cathy Dolendo, age 15 (2004)

Paolo Escopete, age 11 (2005)

Jeremy Caoile, age 15 (2005)

CJ Alayon, age 16 (2005)

Masters study in an hour!

Maria Isabela Ilagan, age 5 (2004)

Daphne Rubio, age 5 (2003)