11 June 2007

Clay Sculpture

A one-hour session on sculpture using stoneware clay.

Barangay San Vicente, Laguna, April 2005
These are my scholars! Ages 11 to 16 years old
CJ Alayon, Steffi Ame, Selena Ang, Jeremy Caoile,
Paolo Escopete, Ashley Espiritu, Kathryn Francisco,
Peter Francisco.

Sculpture session with the CreativeKids in Alabang, May 2007
"Tao-tao" (figurative)
Materials: unrefined clay from Bohol. Ages 6 to 9 years old.
Alyssa Abad, Stefi Palaganas, Mathew Pastrana,
Andie Syyap,
Natasha Tanjutco

Another stoneware clay session (pottery) this time as one of the activities for a child's birthday party! Alabang, April 2004

Red and white clay can be expensive because you have
to find a supplier who will not only sell the clay but also
fire it for you. Cost include clay and possibly two firings.
Best source: artists with kiln, clay and glaze.

Modeling Clay
A less expensive material can be a modeling clay
one can buy in small packed boxes. They are
of course not as durable as red/white clay
but they are perfect for forming exercises
and some kids prefer it because it is less messy
and they can re-use it to create another work!

CreativeKids. Ages 6-9 (2006). Andie Andrade, Nicholas Gayanelo, Georgie Herbosa, Dipper Lachica, Ashley Limjoco, Czarina Lokin, Michiko Lokin, Sandro Manzano, Anton Medina, Iya Oracion, Isabel Puno, Rocio Puno, Tobi Tensuan

CreativeKids, ages 3-5 (2004). David Gho, Andrea Gonzalez, Kevin Kyowa, Mathew Pastrana, Joaquin Rabido

Steffi Anne Ame, age 16 (2005)

CJ Alayon, age 17 (2005)

Kathryn Francisco, age 11 (2005)

Peter John Francisco, age 14 (2005)