08 July 2007


Making a collage is a great and fun exercise in exploring creativity using a variety of materials (mixed media). Students execute their compositions using materials like colored paper, photographs and text cut-outs from magazines, textured paper and boards, glue, beads, and any available objects around them which they assemble and paste into illustration boards or paper. When you compare their finished plates from their study sheets (drawing plans) you can easily see how young creative minds explored themes and materials in a short period of time. The plates here were done in an hour exploring the students interpretation of their world. In the future when they want to interpret their concepts into a visual art form they already have the knowledge and tools to execute ideas even without the usual art materials.
Ashley Espiritu, age 14 (2005)

CJ Alayon, age 16 (2005)

Paolo Escopete, age 11 (2005)