23 July 2007

Creatives On-Situ

This is a study for an ongoing multi-media project.
I used the whole length of my bedroom walls to draft concepts and ideas. People marvel at the 'mural' but I always tell them it is just a study. Although I have illustrations and graphics made, I still need to validate certain visual concepts and spatial concerns. Now, I can execute the same concept in less time and with better results.

This experiment entails clearing my walls of artworks given by artist-friends. For lack of space I decided to work on available surfaces: the walls, doors, and yes, maybe later the ceilings, are great alternatives to canvas plus the dependable student-grade acrylic paints which I used for my workshop sessions. Not only will the study provide the medium to validate concepts but also a delightful artwork which I now enjoy since it is in my bedroom!

For lack of space for my growing folios and documents I started clearing my space and started the tedious process of screening valuables (which my house mates refer to as trash and shopaholic loot) to see which needs to go and which items to keep. I was able to clear my space (with loads of tears) of books, tapes, floppy disks, cds, cards, toys, magazine collection (in mint condition!), lamps, chairs (I design and collect certain furniture and furnishings), ceramics collection, musical instruments (I kept most of my bells though), some stuff I rarely use like bags, evening shoes, clothes, and artworks. Some of the artworks were given by friends and it pained me a lot to let go of them. But I have to. . . I had a garage sale and practically gave away most of my art collection through small bids. Now, my closet has to share its limited space with my art supplies, documents, folios, etc. Three plastic trunks under my bed now hold my small collection of books and special invites/brochures. Clearing the space attract positive energies which allow me to do multiple tasks.

The few paintings I decided to keep have to be incorporated in my 'wall mural' to save on space. Below is an old oil painting of my artist-friend Eric Ealdama who once painted these flowers he brought to my place of work. Eric, who is now abroad, is a great artist and a helpful friend. As a musician he provided background music to one of my satire monologues. Eric, if you happen to read this, please keep in touch . . .

This painting below is another gift from an artist-friend Victor Secuya whose meditative works helped me deal with the grief of my parents death in the 90s. Secuya and Ealdama's works are like eternal blooms that feed the memory and connect the past to the present. Like great works of art, they live as touching reminders of a soul communicating beyond the surfaces of the materials. And that is why I am holding on to it . . .

The multi-media project I am working on will be captured in words (a book), in drawing, painting and installation works (visual arts), a short documentary film and performance. Some of these media have been executed as a study until its completion.