03 July 2007


"The Adventures of Spike" by Gurmeet & Kabir Buxani, 2004

A book project is an excellent exercise for creative writing. My favorites were those executed by the Buxani siblings, Gurmeet and Kabir, who are both highly creative and eager to experiment and explore ideas and resources. We did a lot of creative projects from drawing, coloring, painting, pottery, sculpture, literary arts (writing) and multi-media works which basically integrates several art media into one concept.

"The Adventures of Spike" is the Buxani's collaborative work. They have to build on the story together and execute the illustrations using pastels and colored pencils. Later, we have to scan the images and type the text into a microsoft word document where the layout is also executed. This method simplifies and makes printing cost more reasonable since one short bond paper can do four pages back-to-back which when cut into half can easily be stapled into a book!

For individual books, I am amazed and amused by the Buxani's Buddy books. Buddy, their loveable golden retriever dog would always stay with us while we do our projects. Buddy was always part of most of our art projects!

Illustrations for "The Quest" book:

by Gurmeet Buxani, age 10 (2004)

by Kabir Buxani, age 8 (2004)

"The Quest" (2004) is a multi-media project which includes an illustrated book combined with digital images and animated powerpoint presentation. They both directed, designed, acted and scanned the images which amazing results!

I will try to post some of their books here!