16 August 2007


a story from houndsinheaven

once there was a rock
his name is i-rock

i-rock lives in heaven

he is quite content
living among heaven's
loving creatures and energy
until one hot day
i-rock felt a searing heat
moving in all directions
the earth around heaven
felt unusually hot!

so i-rock moved around heaven
in search of a cooler place
and settled beside wildflower

wildflower is a rare beauty
she only comes out after the rain
which means that with the rain
the ground must be cooler.
but i-rock still felt hot
wildflower is crying
and so is malunggay flower

they told i-rock
that heaven must be dying!
heaven can not breathe well
with the extreme hot and cold air.

heaven can not balance its energy
enough to save itself
it is now in the hands of heaven's creatures.

i-rock got scared
and decided he must do something
so he called for a rock session

a rock session is a gathering
where everyone stands equal
and free to share ideas.

i-rock told everybody
that heaven is dying
and they all knew
because they felt it also.
but they also agreed
that something can be done
so they called on all the rocks
for a bigger gathering

gathering everybody is important
because they believed
everybody must know
the things that might affect them
and to decide what to do
for everybody's benefit

while the rock meeting was going on
everything around heaven
was pushed out of their cozy nooks
and started holding their meetings.

the chicos gathered

the balimbings . . .

the plants

the flowers

the fruits

and yes, even the dried flowers,
fruits, and nuts gathered. . .
the potpourri call it their pot session

the dried twigs too

the cats gathered also
but decided to take a nap first

the hounds gathered as well
yeah but they took a nap too!

and even the hounds squeaky toys

and finally,
the keeper arrives
and listened to everybody
but deep inside, keeper knew
that unlike these wise beings
humans find it difficult
to meet and agree as equals

and so instead, she prayed

while doing so
keeper noticed her wet nails
and realized that the path
to a real, lasting change
must come from her first.

she removed the polish
and its deadly chemicals
and realized her nails
looked just as good and cool
as long as it is clean.

after days of gloomy weather
the sun appeared in heaven

and the sun's heat
was not as piercing as it used to be
and everybody became hopeful
that the coming rain will not be
brought by a storm . . .

there is a big job ahead
and heaven's creatures
knew it will not be easy
but they resolved to do it
and do it together . . .

as the energy moves
in its perpetual circle dance
precariously balancing itself . .