20 November 2007

Featured Artist: Cory Baro

DogArt, 2007

Dogs, 2007

Dogs, 2007

Sassy, 2007

Cory belongs to a family who are animal lovers. Her first dog was a German Shepherd breed but was stolen and later found taken by street thugs who killed the dog for its meat (pulutan). That tragic experience made Cory strive to become a crusader for abused and abandoned animals like dogs. This year, with the help of her family, Cory bravely rescued two abused and maltreated dogs inside a private residence which her family is nursing back to good health!

Cory started drawing when she was 7 years old focusing on the animals she sees around her: puppies, parrot, cats, lions, birds. Now at 17 years old, she dabbled in jewelry designing successfully creating a bird choker made of diamonds! Cory is also now a proud owner and loyal friend to dogs Uma, Cass, Bruce, Ninia and Starsky whose images form part of her dog art.

Cory and her animal friends are active members of Uniteddogs.com
Check out Cory's dogs at uniteddogs.com/dog/Starsky and uniteddogs.com/dog/Ninia

In Memory of Sassy

Cory Baro, 2007

All artworks were executed using Shi-Painter.