13 December 2007

Sweepy: SuperDog Projek Update!

Today, I was able to start my campaign at the first school that responded to my call: The Pacita Complex National High School!

The school is located within the Pacita Subdivision which is just a 5 minute walk from my house. But I have to wake up early and try to catch the first batch of students that starts their classes at 6AM (!) and ends at 1PM. Another batch goes from 1PM till around 8PM. This system was integrated into public schools in the Philippines in response to the huge enrollees and the small number of public schools to accommodate them.

The campaign went well although I was not able to bring Sweepy. Maybe next time, Sweepy can personally add impact by his charming presence. The students and teachers were all helpful and I finished my short campaign call before classes starts at 6AM.

A pleasant surprise greeted me while waiting for my cue at the campus. (I arrived 5:45AM!) A group of students were busy cleaning and sweeping the garden around their campus. Nobody assigned them to do the task. They just volunteered to do it. It was amazing to find these students taking the initiative to clean their surroundings!

Their names: Mayla Ramirez, Rowena Felicia and Evelyn Valero.
Kudos girls! You're Heroes in the eyes of bantay ng bayan Sweepy and the Pacita community! These girls are but some of the few who might not need a lecture on Anti-Littering. These young people are simply great!

Thanks also to the school principal Mrs. Maura Umaclap who was very accommodating and lost no time in promoting the SuperDog campaign. PCNHS rocks!