15 January 2008

Mission: Finding Beau

Woof, Keeper!
We're "good to go" . . .

Sumo, the 8yo father and leader of my hounds.

Pica, Sumo's 17-year old mate . . .
and love of his life . . .

Bogart, Pica and Sumo's 7-year old pup.

Sweepy, the 5-year old pup of Sumo and Pica.

Don't laugh but my hounds are part of a worldwide campaign to find our dear friend Beau who is missing since July 1, 2003. Beau's owner and loyal friend Susan believes Beau was stolen since Beau was kept in a secured area in their private property in Guanaba, Australia while Susan was at work. She came home to find Beau gone! I can imagine her horror and frustration after frantically searching for Beau, calling neighbors and authorities, media, vets, clinics, shelters, and putting up posters, ads, and a $10,000 reward. Yet Beau remain missing!

Like Susan, we refused to let go of searching for Beau. Like most of the dog owners and animal lovers around the world, we provide the support group that will help Susan and grieving owners of lost and missing dogs (and pets) to hold on and not to feel uncomfortable about hoping and grieving. . .

There's a huge lesson to be learned of this tragic incident. Beau has microchip implanted in him. A microchip is a form of identification (ID) chip implanted inside a dog to make it easy to locate him if he gets lost or stolen. Vets and clinics, animal shelters and dog rescue organizations should (and MUST) be able to SCAN ALL dogs entering their establishments otherwise this security device becomes useless. Yet no one called to verify Beau's ownership in any of these places.

Could it be possible that Beau has not received any treatment or passed at any of those clinics or shelters since 2003? Although it is unethical for any veterinarian to provide treatment to any dogs unless the person accompanying the dog is the legal owner, a lot of vets presume any dogs that enter their premises belongs to the person who brought them there! No registration is needed. No dog tags required to identify its real owners.

What could have happened to Beau? Why would anybody try to steal a dog when there are so many dogs waiting for new owners? Since Beau is a purebred English Setter could it be possible for anyone to sell him without providing the necessary papers or registration (and microchip to scan) for verification? And why was Beau not returned even with reward money if money was the reason for taking him?

I worry for Beau. I worry for his owner Susan and brother Hammer too. And I worry for my hounds and other animals cared for by loving keepers because even in their secured, loving homes, they can be stolen, get poisoned, or get hit by stray pellets and stones by strangers and cruel people. I also worry when I see roaming dogs and stray cats. I wonder if they were lost or abandoned by their owners or simply do not have a home or anybody to care for them. I worry and get angry when I can not do much for them even with my SuperDog Project with Sweepy.

Someday, people like Susan will find answers. Sometimes, fate sends miracles and Beau will find his way home and their world will be alright. . . . Someday, I will call out to my hounds for a walk "outside Heaven" and we will not be attacked by roaming dogs. For now, I contend with walking my hounds just around and within our house Heaven . .

On a lot of good days, I come home to find my hounds waiting and hungry and I will be greeted with hugs and drools and my tiredness will be forgotten and my day ends with loads of affection and undivided attention. . . On many nights, I wake up to check my hounds and find them sleeping, curled peacefully in their furry mats and pillows inside their individual homes and I can't help but hope that Susan and animal lovers like her will continue to hope and find meaning in her search. For Beau's sake. For all missing animals' sake. . .

Please help find Beau too. Go to - www.findingbeau.com

Today is Sumo's 8th birthday and Bogart's 7th birthday. We would rather celebrate it by paying tribute to all missing and lost dogs and animals by praying that they will soon find their way back home. . .

NOTE: Helmets provided by Greg Lee of www.dogswithblogs.com.au