17 February 2008

Box Art

A fun, creative session for recyclables.

The medium: Empty Hopia Box

Hopia is my favorite chinese munchies made of mongo paste. Lately, my suki (favorite vendor) would call me out and announce her hopia special in ube flavor. She knows I love ube and she knows I love hopia and since it is so reasonably priced (read: cheap at PhP35 a box or less than a dollar!) I can not help but buy a box ALWAYS. Not exactly good for diabetics, but good for one's well-being. Hmmmm . . . .

Instead of throwing the empty hopia box, I keep it and recycle it as gift boxes! Perfect for storing small special items like mini-books, costume jewelries, cards, etc. Just wrap the box and decorate it and it's perfect for use! You reduce your trash and help clean the environment!

Felt paper, strings, crystal beads and flowers!

Black art paper, faux pearl strings and crystals.

Kids love doing this! Great exercise in word play and graphics.
Wrapped and pasted from catalogue pages and cut-outs.

Black art paper and blue stones

Handmade paper and marble stones.

Black art paper and colored stones

Felt paper, bead strings and colored stones.

Black art paper and colored stones.