01 February 2008

Workshop Modules

Last January was a busy time to wrap up the holidays. Just to store, clean and clear holiday decorations can take up a week! There were grant proposals to finish, works to review, award nominations to be made, files to clean/clear/compress/delete/store, not to mention that my hounds have very demanding needs. The holiday noise and rush gave them upset stomach, skin allergies and lethargy which took all of January to rub off, not mention pellet gun wounds (still rampart from trigger-happy angry kids with emotional problems!) and hot-cold days/nights.

By mid-January, just as I was able to finally complete most tasks, people were clamoring for workshop modules for summer! Normally, I start designing my modules in February, registration in March, workshop from April to May and exhibit thereafter. And since I can not facilitate workshops everyday (3x a week is doable so I can do other creative works) I have to choose which ones I can conduct within an area.

I am facilitating a painting workshop for the CreativeKids in Ayala Alabang beginning April 1 for possible exhibition on May 11. I designed an exciting module for kids ages 7 to 9 for a one-hour and a half session on acrylic painting (still life, abstract, interaction mural, paper sculpture, clock/lamp, etc.) using paper, canvas sheets, boards, cloth, wood, and recyclables: newspapers, cardboard, leaves . . . . . This special module includes a museum tour and exhibition.

I am also helping some fine arts students for their advocacy project and I am pushing for these same recyclables for possible mixed media and installation works. I will post their works here as soon as we complete their "work folio". I am quite proud to say that my students as young as 5 years old have a good art portfolio with power-point documentation!

Workshops are great studies for craftsmanship, creativity and therapy. They provide excellent tools to gauge art/craft production, artistry, logistics and more importantly, an understanding and peek into the wonderful world of young people.

Of course, I do the same for the adults workshop.