01 March 2008

Bottle Figures

This is another study for the recycle project.

The medium: Used Plastic Bottles

In some subdivisions it is prohibited to include these plastic bottles in the trash bags. Homeowners are fined and penalized if caught throwing these bottles in their garbage bags.

However, some smart and responsible village associations would assign a day to collect these used bottles that must be cleaned and emptied of contents for possible recycling. This action helped clean the environment and generate income and possible recycle projects for the community.

In my community, I have a suki Aling Lilia (she buys recyclables like old newspapers, bottles, etc.) and her sister Elizabeth who goes around with a wooden cart all morning. I clean and collect cartons, bottles, cans, papers and hand these to them every week. But since I'm doing project studies for recyclables, I kept some of the bottles for the use of my students.

These bottles can be decorated several ways. By using old, recycled newspapers or any used paper which can be cut, painted, embellished with glitter, buttons, etc.

Below is a sample action figure of my SuperDog Sweepy and his BigBrother Bogart as hound wizards which was done in a typical one hour session which can later be modified and improved depending on one's creativity and effort.

Left figure uses cut-out colored paper.
Right figure uses crumpled newspapers painted in acrylic.

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