20 June 2008

Does it really make sense to be involved?

Yes, it does!

Supreme Court Restores Habeas Rights to Detainees

Last week the Supreme Court restored Guantanamo detainees' habeas rights--the right to challenge their indefinite imprisonment without charges in U.S. civilian courts. Your courage and actions to compel our government to uphold the rule of law are paying off!

Downed Cows to Get Some Relief
The USDA announced that it will implement a complete ban on slaughter for human consumption of cattle unable to stand and walk unassisted. Thanks to the thousands of Care2 activists who sent appeals to public officials about the scandalous mistreatment of these animals.

Landmark Law Will Protect Ocean Waters in Massachusetts
Gov. Deval Patrick signed into law a measure that will establish the nation's first management and protection plan for a state's ocean waters. This law will provide a roadmap to enable the state to balance commercial use, personal recreation and the protection of underwater ocean habitats and wildlife.

California Halts Toxic Aerial Spraying Campaign
A Santa Cruz County judge decided the state must halt an aerial spraying campaign at least until a full environmental review is done. So far, close to 30,000 Care2 members have signed a petition urging California officials to stop the fumigation of area residents without their consent.

Fire Department in South Carolina Wins Budget Struggle
The James Island Fire Department in South Carolina will receive their entire budget request with no cuts to their operating budget. Thanks to all those who took action on behalf of the residents of James Island and their fire fighters. You helped save a fire department and a community.

Marines Disciplined for Tossing Puppy
The Marine Corps announced it was expelling one Marine and disciplining another for their roles in a video showing a Marine throwing a puppy off a cliff while on patrol in Iraq. Over 12,000 Care2 members signed a petition to speak out against this awful act of animal cruelty.

All it needs is to CARE
and take responsibility
and put a face to that Care.

Hooray for the Care2 Campaign Team for making things happen . . . and having all the patience and energy to move us out of our comfort zones!

The Care2 Campaign Team -
Emily, Hilary, Joe, LiAnna, Natasha, Ray, Rebecca, Robyn and Rosa

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