10 June 2008

Drawing Day!

For those who missed the event, it is never too late to join!
They are trying to hit the million mark this year!

Create your drawings and post to ALL your sites.
My friends and students have posted remarkable entries.
Too bad I can not link to all.

I started drawing when I was around 3 years old. I was the youngest child and I grew up in a highly creative environment where everyone in the family were always busy with a creative project surrounded by music. Drawing was our favorite activity. Nobody taught us to draw. Everyone just seemed naturally artistic. My parents would provide us reams of paper and individual drawers in a huge work table where we would store our works. I love to draw scenes of people in natural settings: playing, working, etc. while my older brothers would draw superheroes, war scenes with ships, aircraft, etc.

Drawing is the basic tool for art which is why I try to make children learn to appreciate and execute line drawings in a simple way in most of my workshops. People who can express their ideas through illustrations has a better grasp of their concepts. I have seen art teachers and professional designers who can not draw their ideas and concepts to paper. Most of these creative people are often harried, confused and frustrated. It would be helpful if they learn how to illustrate their ideas since it would facilitate, simplify and refine these concepts into viable or doable forms.

I will try to update this project in my future post.
Meantime, take that pen and doodle your way.
Drawing is the best therapy in today's fast-paced world.