11 July 2008

My Own Healing Therapy . . .

Aside from using art and its powerful medium, I learned to tap into my environment to heal and harness positive energy.

Harnessing the power of the Sun.

The morning sun is packed with Vitamin D. I try to spare 10 minutes a day (or anytime I'm free in the morning), to expose my feet to the powerful rays of the sun. The best time is from early morning (as the sun rises around 6 AM until 8 AM. Your feet carries most of the reflex points of your body and the sun's natural energy helps "charge" these energy points.

The Moon is another powerful charger.
The moon helps "charge" the subtle energies like your psychic self. This is best done during the full moon. I moonbathe for 15 minutes every time I can.

My Diet

I am not a vegetarian but I joined my family in avoiding red meat when my parents got sick in the 90s. My favorite meals are those I buy fresh from the nearby market. I jokingly refer to it as my "Oliver's Meal" like all of the food in the picture above. I stuff them into layers of wheat bread (P20/$.45 a loaf in our place) to make my clubhouse sandwich. The raw, fresh meal has sharpened my tastebud. What was once bland is now tasty for me. Not to mention healthy too!

My favorite is the Kangkong.

I buy my Kangkong, Lettuce, and Calamansi from an organic farmer in my neighborhood who harvest every week. I just dip my Kangkong leaves in boiling water after cleaning them thoroughly and mix them with olive oil flavored with garlic. I throw some nuts and I eat this with gusto. Kangkong really gives me energy when I have to do a lot of paperwork. It is my fave side dish. I drink Calamansi water twice a month for coolers and cleansing. I also use it as a great cleanser and deodorizer. Calamansi is also perfect for dips and marinade. Plus it is so affordable.

From my neighborhood, my favorite is the Malunggay (Horseradish) and Balimbing.

We do not have these in our garden but our neighbors has and generously shares with everyone! Malunggay is packed with vitamins. I just boil it and drink it like a tea or use it with Chicken tinola. It is organic, healthy, plus it's FREE!

But the best is the Coconut Tree.

I buy my coconut drink (buko juice and meat) from a nearby stall or ambulant vendor. I drink the freshly opened buko juice plus meat and store the rest in the fridge to cool. It's cool, natural and healthy. Cost P15 per buko. ($.35 cents) Freshly sliced and grated and this drink is great for my hounds too!

I also take VCO or virgin coconut oil (a tablespoon a day) orally. At night, I use it as a lotion after a cool shower. It soothes my skin, heals all the cuts and bruises I get from work and playing with my hounds.

And since I have lactose intolerance, I use coconut milk to lace my desserts. I love to cook using coconut milk too. And I do not throw the meat after squeezing. I use it as an exfoliant for my face and skin!

Another favorite:

Taho! (Soya drink with sago and vanilla)
For P10 you get a big glass of taho from an ambulant vendor. I buy my soya milk in the supermarket because I am not sure about the street vendor's soya. Besides, I buy a big bottle which I share with my hounds! As you can see, most of what I love to eat are also safe for my hounds, except avocados and chicos (we have these tree that bears fruit regularly!)

I also try to use Natural Repellants recommended by friends:

To drive away Ants: Use cinnamon, mint and coffee grounds.
I use baby powder. I dust baby powder on trees especially when my sister or the helper wants to climb, trim or harvest our avocado and chico trees. Ants started to disappear and the trees smell like a baby!

To drive away Cockroaches: use laurel, kabling, cucumber, and garlic.

Rodents: Mint

Silverfish: Cedar

Mosquitoes: Basil and plant Dama de Noche!

And lastly, I learned to heal . . .

I learned to tap into my own healing power.
When I heal, I get healed as well . . .

And when my energy is low,
I take a pause and listen to my favorite music:
The music of our plants singing and my hounds barking.
Their drooling and rough play amuses me no end.

When I feel down, I take a pause and listen to my breathing.
I create silence and come out refreshed, creative and alert!