12 August 2008


My hounds are part of this great event which coincides with the human Olympics being held this month. Although this is a photography competition capturing death-defying moves and grooves of animals most especially dogs, the event is a special occasion to gather together all the animals and animal-lovers around the world in one great, exciting event!

With the motto "Citius, Altius, Fortius" (translated to louder, furrier, droolier), this year's host is Lenny Latshaw, a wire hair fox terrier from Indiana, USA. Bringing together a hundred dogs from 10 countries (26 States in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, India, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia) an amazing bone relay was passed from drool to drool in all these countries. My hounds are the only ones who represented the Philippines!

Our Alpha dog Sumo
who recently won the Gold Medal

for the Pee-Mail category
(Yes, you read that right!)

and Sumo's litter:




From August 8 to 25, different events from running, swimming, tug-of-war, panting, pee-mail and sleeping, among others are held and posted at the Pawlimpics site where you can also enter your vote for the Doggie's Choice Award.

The bone relay and updates are also posted on my hounds individual bark (blog) sites. Just click on their names above to check their postings.

Join in the fun and salute all these paw-some furries!!!!

UpDated: September 6!
The HoundsInHeaven Medals!!!

Sumo won 2 Golds and 1 Bronze Medal! Sumo won Gold for his Pee-Mail entry and another Gold for his "At Work" category being a Community WatchDog. Sumo won Bronze for the "Begging Face" category.

Bogart and Sweepy got an Honorable Mention Award for their Synchronized Eating entry.

The HoundsInHeaven were also cited for their entries in the Photoshop category as part of the Storm Troopers looking for missing dogs previously posted in this blog. Special thanks to DWB's webmaster Greg Lee who did the photoshop magic of my dogs.

Special mention were also given to our cat entries under the Team Events. We sent photographs of our late cats cleaning, eating, sleeping and posing which were posted by Sweepy in his old blog. These photos were taken sometime early 1990s using an old instamatic camera (with cartridge!). Our beloved cats (all 21 of them!) and our old 17-year old dog Pica were lovingly remembered by having their old pictures recognized and included in this excellent animal photo competition.

Truly a great, highly creative, fun event!