24 September 2008

Creatives PlayShop

In a fun study of graphic design, children get to study the promotional advertisements of products that appeal to them and analyze what elements there are in the images that provoke, entice and practically make them get up and get the product!

These includes analyzing words (text images), photographs, layout, colors, sounds and music (for TV ads) and the overall design. It was a riot watching them point to their favorite print and TV ads and understand the creative elements that go into the ad to entice people to buy and the creative elements in ads they do not like. What creative elements were effective and which ones are not.

Recycle That Ad!

A complimentary fun exercise was to play with a glossy print advertisement inserted in the newspapers and create something out of it! In other words, they are asked to recycle a paper ad into another object!

The kids work by simply studying their chosen ad full of text and images that they must incorporate into their recycling work.

Most of the kids made paper shirts and paper bags creatively working on the important elements of the ad and creating another product out of the bag! This old print ad of cigarettes when cut and assembled becomes a bag!

. . . which even incorporate a cover flap!

A simple and fun exercise for creativity!
And a fresh look at recycling possibilities!