03 December 2008

Preserving the Tasmania's Ancient Forest!

February 13 - 15, 2009
Upper Florentine Camp
Southern Tasmania
Tasmania’s ancient forests are calling out to all artists, dancers, muses, freaks, circus mob, gypsies, burlesque beauties and performers of all persuasions to take part in the outrageously and spectacularly fantabulous Be My Florentine Cabaret. Join Tassie forest activists and magnificent gypsy death core 8 piece The Barons of Tang in a 3 day festival extravaganza held at a longterm blockade in the outstanding old growth forests of the Upper Florentine Valley, which are under immediate threat from industrial scale woodchipping interests. Contact stillwildstillthreatened@gmail.com for more info about performing,art installations or volunteering at the event.

This exciting event is getting people from around the world to participate in a ritual to help stop old growth logging in Tasmania, where the beauty, the biodiversity of these forests is rated among the best in the world. The Eucalyptus Regnins are the world's tallest flowering plants. They have been identified as a huge carbon sink so it is not only a blow to Australia, but to the rest of the world. Each summer vast quantities of these beautiful trees are exported in other countries to be pulped into paper, so the timber is not even used. Activists who have set up camp in the Upper Florentine Valley for over 2 years to protect these forests have been manhandled, threatened and had vehicles and property destroyed.

On the full moon of December 12 at 8PM (the Grand Square between Sun, Moon, Saturn and Uranus) the energies of the Tasmanian Wedge-tail Eagle, the Tasmanian Mountain Dragon, the Blotched Blue-tongue Lizard, and the ancestors of the land, will be called to help protect the forests. You do not need to go to Tasmania to join this magical event. Simply light a candle and pray for a creative solution on healing this part of the earth!

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