03 May 2009

Drawing and Painting a Picasso!

'Woman With A Yellow Hat' was originally done by master artist Pablo Picasso in 1921 using pastel on paper. Children love to do a Picasso because Picasso's lines are sharp and fun, plus his colors are colorful and exciting!

For this exercise, we are using watercolor pencils again because when you work with several kids of different ages, the watercolor pencils are not messy, they can execute their lines in the colors they need and the colors can be blended with brush and water. Time frame: 1 hour! (Note: The original on the left)

1. First we try to draw the lines according to Picasso.
Remember it is not important to be precise.
Just observe how the artist works his lines
and interpret your own.

2. Try to capture Picasso's combination of colors.
We used light blue for the inner shirt and the combination
of blue, green and white for the sleeves. Medium yellow
for the hat and brown for shading.

3. Now to finish the painting, just dip brush in water and slowly
brush the colors to blend well making sure the lines are not erased.
Voila! A Picasso painting in an hour!

And here are some of the kids work:

Claire Tan, age 8

Calia Santiago, age 8