12 August 2009

Special Art Session!

The following works were done by Ryanne, a 6 year old balikbayan vacationing in Manila from the USA. She was referred to me by Bambi Manosa-Tanjutco for a special one-on-one art session for a week.

Line drawing exercise using watercolor pencils.This is the best exercise to determine drawing capabilities. Using the basic shapes like rectangle and circle, Ryanne did a vase and fruit using also the primary colors red, yellow, blue.

On-the-spot: Vase painting

Landscape drawing

Ice Cream

. . . and Pizza!

. . . Ryanne's 4-year old brother Bobby
make his own drawing while watching us:

Figurative Drawing: Colby their dog!

Ryanne's drawing at left and mine on right.
As you can see, my 6-year-old student beat me on this interaction drawing exercise!

Another interaction drawing with me:

. . . with folded and colored paper planes, books, etc.

Still life: Flowers on Vase
Oil Pastel on Felt Paper

And this is our collaborative work:

a 20" x 30" drawing as our thank-you gift
for Ryanne's grandparents also gifted Ryanne
this special art workshop!

This workshop ended my long summer art workshops for children this year. March to May for local schools and June to August for international schools and students.