31 January 2010

HIH 2010 Calendars!

Designed by Sweepy and can be accessed to his site for free via eMail. Yes, it is sent by eMail to recipients for free by request, but you have to print them yourself. This saves mailing and printing cost for us since you are assured that only the people who really want your calendar will go to the length of printing it by themselves. So far, we have already forwarded a hundred requests from around the world!

Our studio does this fun project every year as a way of bringing cheers and inspiration to friends and strangers who help bring the plight of animals around the world with utmost attention. The calendar was designed using the MS Word and prints using 4 (four pieces) of A4 photo paper sheets.

Some of my students have also designed their own calendars this way. It is economical since you can do four months in one page and can customized the design for every month. For special touches, we recycled hand-made paper and made a portfolio of it together with a wooden clip:

This design is lightweight and perfect for mailing too. However, it took 10 days to mail to Singapore and to Mexico! And the cost to mail them using your local post office cost double when you do by couriers but which takes only a day. Consider: P500 to deliver two calendars abroad in 10 days or P3000 in at least 2 days? (Note: roughly P50 to a $1)

To order, just click on Sweepy's SuperPinoyDogBlog!