24 March 2010

Green Papaya Art Project: Tonight!

The Bleeding Hearts Club
with Conrad Garcia and Roberto Nicolas
March 24 (Wednesday), bar opens 6pm, gig starts at 9pm

Fando & Lis is a Manila-based indie-folk duo formed by pianist-singer-songwriter Khavn De La Cruz and vocalist Ledh De La Cruz. Beg no fussy introduction for these progenies. Give them their set and they'll blow you away. But who is Conrad Garcia? There are six Conrad Garcias listed in LinkedIn Directory: Conrad Garcia, an attorney with a Law Practice in Richmond, Virginia; Conrad Garcia, a teacher at the Department of Defense Education Activity in Louisville, Kentucky; Conrad Garcia, a teacher and Education Management Professional in San Francisco Bay Area; Conrad Garcia, a supervisor at UPS Transportation/Trucking/ Railroad in Greater Los Angeles; Conrad Garcia, a Legal Services Professional from the Philippines – perhaps the closest to the real Conrad Garcia; and Conrad Garcia, an Operations Manager at Employment Training Centers in Houston, Texas. But the real Conrad Garcia is none of the above. Just like Roberto Nicolas Escobar and Carlos Roberto Nicolas. Neither is the real Roberto Nicolas. The Bleeding Hearts Club hosts another famous anonymous indie act as prelude to the sweltering heat of a beloved summer.