28 June 2010

Erotic Poetry @GalleriaDuemila

With the Romancing Venus Poets . . .
Karen Kunawicz, Kooky Tuason, Ginny Mata, Monique Obligacion, Raul Roco Jr., Nina Terol-Zialcita, Marne L. Kilates, J. Neil C. Garcia and more . . .

Saturday 03 July 2010, 4pm – 7pm

“ what would happen if one woman told the truth about her life?...

the world would split open “ - Muriel Rukeyser

Romancing Venus is a diverse group of women artists, writers and musicians that advocate healing through creative expression. Driven and united by their passion for art, literature, and music, they have set out to empower other women, primarily those who are survivors of abuse, to speak out and stand up for themselves.
Since it was formed in 2004, RV has gone on to give workshops and perform regularly in venues like Powerbooks, Conspiracy, Penguin Café and Mag:Net Katipunan.