28 July 2010

Painting Aang's Stick?

This session focused on another way of painting the kid's favorite toy, which, in this case, is the stick used (weapon? wand?) by the main character (Aang?) in the movie Airbender. I did not watch the movie so I have no idea what the whole thing is about. But the kids narrated the story while we were working so I, sort of, had an inkling. ;-) I asked the kids if they were willing to illustrate it in a different way using three panels instead of just drawing the whole stick. After all, what they really wanted to capture was the designs on the stick and not the stick itself.

We did the details together using watercolor pencils and the larger part in acrylic paint. It took only 15 minutes to draw the details, 30 minutes to color, and another 30 minutes to paint everything, including some play and storytelling in-between, plus snack time!

Bobby, age 4

Ryanne, age 7