15 August 2010

Vigo: "Bang"

Art by Mark Salvatus
Lettering by Norman Wilwayco

VIGO counts Tom Waits and Ben Folds and Sylvia La Torre among their influences. And somewhere in the overlap of these unlikely inspirations, kundiman sentiment and radio pop melodrama meet jazz-noir smoke and heartbroken avant-pop to become something else both strange and familiar and old-fashioned and futuristic and not a little lovely. Singer-songwriter and pianist Khavn De La Cruz heads this eclectic band of outsiders with Franz Magat on bass, Paolo Manuel on drums, Kakoy Legaspi on guitar, soundscaper Caliph and vocalist Tao Aves. "BANG!", their first EP, which features the songs "Shoot The Pianist", "The Last Commandment" , and "Where Are You, My River?" is now available for free download at:


Vigo's debut album, "Kundiman Apocalypse", will be launched in October 2010.