13 October 2010

Tony Twigg @ Duemila!

As the title of this exhibition suggests, there is musicality to these new works by Tony Twigg. Using one of his familiar timber constructions as the starting point, he re-arranges the units in various compositions, like keys played on an instrument. Outlined and flattened onto canvas, these painted chords move between order and chaos - what he calls the entropy shuffle - eventually arriving at a free-standing sculpture in metal.

Tony Twigg has been exhibiting with Galleria Duemila for a decade and has produced over 40 solo exhibitions in Australia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore and the U.S.A. He is the only foreign artist held within the important Philippine collections of the BenCab Museum and Ateneo Art Gallery. In recent years, Tony has extended his regional engagement to to Singapore where he has completed major commissions working with some of Singapore's leading architects. This exhibition continues Tony's fascination with space - both illusionary and real.

On view at the Galleria Duemila until November 2, 2010