24 June 2011

DIY Schedule Board!

9 year old Sasi wanted to make her own board to post her schedules for the day which she can bring and hang near her. The materials include an illustration board, felt paper, plastic sheet, paper, watercolor pencils, paint brush, glitter glue, and ribbons.

This is a fun and challenging project for a child like Sasi to explore her creativity. First, Sasi has to enumerate her regular activities and make simple illustration cards (graphic design), color and paint it and have it laminated to protect it from wear and tear. The board can easily be assembled by pasting the colored felt paper on the illustration board. Then cut and fold plastic sheets to create little holders for Sasi to post her illustrated cards in and tuck these sheets between the felt paper and illustrated board. Sasi then decorates the board with glitter glue and some of her favorite ribbons to complete her project.

A cute and practical board for a busy girl on her school break!
A DIY Project in collaboration with Sasi and Lui.