08 August 2011

Kite Paintings!

The frame for this kite was made by Erwin, one of the kids in my community who does odd jobs for me from carpentry work (he made some of my birdhouses), painting, repair works and help with my dogs ;-) on his spare time from school. Erwin made the frame using strips of bamboo. I wrapped the frame with the available materials I had which is black thin cotton cloth which I sew around the frame for added security! Acrylic paints were used for decorations. Time frame: all morning! And the afternoon was used for flying the kite! ;-)

This one uses acrylic paints on canvas sheets. This was one of the projects for the painting workshop I conducted for the CreativeKids last summer. The challenge was to make their own designs of a bird kite with the initial/s of their names on it. And some o the kids works on exhibit last May: