09 August 2014

Painting a Flower Arrangement!

A painting done by a 7-year old girl in my painting workshop using the yellow flower arrangement found in the foyer of their house. This seemed daunting for the girl at first but this is the challenge of the workshop. To make her break visual images into components that she can draw and paint. In a previous session this same student did Van Gogh's Sunflower painting from a photograph on my phone:

Now this is another acrylic painting done by a 6-year old boy using the lily arrangement from their garden done in 40 minutes. Notice the impasto textures on the grass:

And this acrylic painting by a 5-year old girl is more challenging. She has to remember the flower arrangement in their dining area a few weeks before. It was already discarded when we did the session but one's memory is indeed a powerful tool! She finished this painting in less than an hour!

And this session done by a PWD male in his 50s:
A very detailed work capturing the yellow Dancing Ladies arrangement in their house. 

Capturing actual scenes by drawing or painting is a good mental exercise. Of course the camera can do it better and fast but to draw and paint what one sees elicit a more personalized touch. I highly appreciate the students' interpretations of what they see. And this experience is just as exciting and richer as a gallery visit!