09 October 2014

Painting Toys!

Painting their favorite objects are great subjects for painting. In this session with a 50-year old PWD, the choice of a subject matter was a rocking horse from imagination. So capturing the shape of a horse can be tricky because it can resemble a dog. But painting should be a fun process and one must focus on the elements or details that one remembers from memory and stories behind this memory . . .

Another session was this fun interpretation of a 5-year-old girl of her favorite toy bear wearing a leather jacket with the initials "CPA" on it. I thought it was the initials of a name but was told that it stood for Certified Public Accountant which stood for the parents of the girl who are both CPAs!
I had this student for a year now and she is very disciplined for someone so young. She started when she was 4-years old and she really try to capture the elements and discipline in painting which is why most, if not all of her paintings, are really awesome priceless treasures!