02 March 2015

Painting Workshop @GLGS!

This is my second time to design and facilitate a painting workshop at the Golden Lampstand Grade School (GLGS) in my community in Laguna. The workshop was scheduled for two days (February 18 & 19) from 8 AM to 4 PM, with two groups per day.

The first group was composed of 38 Nursery and Kindergarten students. I made them do a sleeping red cat using the simple circle shape, mix of primary colors, application of tonal values and finishing details. The group finished in two hours including the setting up/ingress and egress for photo shoot.

Then I had lunch and commenced around 1:30 PM and gathered another group composed of 69 prep and Grade 1 students. This time I made them draw and paint a fish using the same circle base, use of primary colors, application of tonal values and details.
We finished in two hours including ingress/egress 
bringing the number to 107 students in one day!

The next day, I started with 84 Grades 2 & 3 students 
in the morning to draw and paint a bird.
Because of their huge number, some of the students
were painting on the floor!
Again, using simple circle shapes, primary colors, 
details and tonal values, 84 kids did it in two hours!

After lunch, I did the last group of 108 students in Grades 4, 5, 6! Again, I use simple shapes to make them draw and paint a bird but this time on a tree branch with leaves and details suitable to their age level.
 108 kids finished in two hours:
In two days I taught painting to 299 students of GLGS!

But how does one handle the logistics of teaching a huge group?
For one I requested a good sound system
where I can speak using a microphone,
a huge whiteboard where I can draw & paint
from a visible area in front: 
I also need to have the energy to move around 
and personally inspect the works and encourage the kids.

It also helps that some of the teachers of GLGS
were on hand to assist me. They distributed the paints,
(they also prepared the painting materials in advance),
guided the students and maintained order during the sessions.
Here are the GLGS teachers with me after the sessions:

Painting, like most art media, is a fun and exciting way to harness a child's creativity, reiterate the values of using the basics of line drawing using basic shapes, use of primary colors, the discipline of the craft, the freedom of expression and encourage art appreciation. 

I hope to design and facilitate a summer workshop in GLGS soon.
Thank you to Grand Lampstand Grade School
especially to Mendelsshon and Marina Reyes
and to all the teachers who helped prepare the canvas,
and attend to the logistics of materials and schedule.
 And thank you to the parents of these children
especially to those who stayed and observed
and supported this wonderful activity!
Hope to see you all again this summer!