16 April 2015

Liberate Your Art 2015

I failed to mail my cards to
postcard swap this year because the photos I took did not print well and my old printer requires at least two weeks to print! At the nth hour I discovered a printer within our subdivision that can print in one day! But they failed to deliver on time and my express delivery guys can not guarantee that they can bring my postcards to the USA in time. 😩
These are my cards! I already posted some of them here and they include my shots of Ms. Moth, Ms. Dragonpie, Mr. Fly and Hoyas in my hand! Good thing I was able to post my dilemma and some LYA participants offered to swap with me! 

And here are the cards I received!
I loooove all these cards and I thank you all for brightening my day and most especially to Kat Sloma of www.kateyestudio.com for making us liberate our art every year!
The middle card is from Terry Owenby from Oregon, USA. Her card was the first to arrive. Her card was a collage of images from vintage postcards, worn book binding cloth, acrylics and pieces from the lavender box of soap she got from her sister!

Then clockwise from top left:
Teena Lurlene from www.bookoflurlene.blogspot.com
Sara Calhoun, USA, photo of an ice-covered tree branch!
Amy Irwen, USA, her pheasant artwork!
Deanie Houghtaling, USA, her photo of Notre Dame Cathedral!
Shiela Delgado, USA, www.shieladelgado.com
Anne Doyle, Australia, her mixed media collage 'Pear'.
Kat van Rooyen, USA, ArtyKatsArt.com