04 May 2015

Laro Exhibit @ATC!

A hundred works of a hundred kids for kids!
Paintings, drawings, photography, mixed media works
on paper, canvas, wood, ceramics, furniture, cloth! 
From miniature to larger than life installations!
All interpreting well-loved games like piko, jolens,
jak en poy, tumbang preso, sungka, taguan, jackstones,
patintero, pabitin, bahay-bahayan, sarangola, etc.

With storytelling weekend, fashion show
 using local indigenous materials
designed and produced by top designers,
community art and laro/play weekend!

A major collaboration with Creative Kids, Tukod Foundation,
Adspin Advertising Inc., and Alabang Town Center!
Celebrating Creative Kids 20th anniversary!

Open to the Public!