16 September 2015

@APEC 2015

With Gemma Batoon, Doris Rodriguez, Bea Pedrosa and Ale Rivera

Responding to a last minute request to pool people to document a conference is not an easy task. Since I was trained during my college years for convention work I always try to squeeze it between my art projects. Doing business events allow me to update my business skills and demographics and provide immersion in an arena that is profit oriented.

In this event however, although the participants were mostly businesswomen, the focus is to allow even non-profit orgs to promote Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to women entrepreneurs. The seminar on Empowering Women through ICT for Inclusive Growth, held on September 16 at the PICC Summit Halls, gathered participants from APEC regions and addressed issues and offered solutions on key areas like capacity building, entrepreneurship, infrastructure, and public-private partnership. This seminar was just part of the simultaneous seminars ongoing for the APEC women's forum that week.

Congratulations to the organizers of this international event and most especially to Team Asia who engaged my "art team" for this event. 😊 Managing a team of rapporteurs to document an event is also an educational experience for my team who are more geared towards art events like exhibitions, workshops and theater work. Kudos team!