30 September 2015

Umbrella Tree and Seasons Paintings!

I hurriedly made this drawing using my pen on watercolor paper and embellished it using watercolor pencils, sharpie markers, acrylic paints, glue and layered again with pen for the INKed calendar competitions due tomorrow! 
I know I am cramming but I made two more drawings which I painted also! The theme for this friendly competition among my ink lovers group is to capture any of the four seasons to be featured in our calendar for 2016. Since I live in a country with only wet and dry seasons, I hope to capture and celebrate this with the patterns of my small island and share this joy to my ink friends abroad!

And look at this wonderful sidelight:
Since I can only draw and paint between my lunch break and my workshops, my 6-year-old workshop student saw my drawing and wanted to do her own version. And because she has traveled and lived abroad and is familiar with the different seasons she made four seasons in her canvas: winter (snow on top), fall (red falling leaves!), spring (the growing blue field in the middle) and summer (the green hills with cotton flowers!) and made such a gorgeous, colorful painting in an hour!