29 January 2016

Flower Paintings

My 10 year old special student is very hyper like me. She wants to do things fast and thrives on routine. She can do several art projects using various materials and techniques. For this session she was a bit distracted because she wants to bake again! Of course she was told that as soon as her art session with Teacher Lui is done she can bake.

Working with watercolor can be tricky. But using watercolor pencils can be fun and productive. My student Samantha has to interpret my drawings and later paint it over with wet brush to produce these stunning works on canvas sheets! I also noticed that she took her time drawing the flowers, became calm, her lines were gorgeous, and she became relaxed enough to enjoy baking after! 
After completing this series, she requested for more painting using acrylic paints. She would point to the acrylic paints on my bags. And here are her acrylic flower paintings on illustration board: