27 January 2016

It is all about Flowers with Stella!

Yes, I only had 4 sessions with a 6 year old girl
to produce 22 flower paintings
to give to her friends as giveaways
on her 7th birthday party!

These series of workshops
provided valuable lessons on production
by teaching my young student
how to maximize her time,
choose a composition and concept
that is doable for her in less time,
and create something cool
and wonderful to share
with her friends!

Her production:
And the first 9 paintings painted and embellished in two sessions:

The next five paintings:

The next 8 paintings were done when she returned
from her foreign trip:
And framed:

And the last is her gift to herself.
A flower puzzle to be framed separately!
Acrylic paints on four canvas sheets.

Happy 7th Birthday, Stella!