06 February 2016

Name Plates in my Workshop!

A name plate is a tedious but enjoyable project.
I make mine using watercolor pencils on watercolor sketchpad
which I paint over. This is meditative work too because
you simply add in as many decorative elements
and once done you can use it to print into
t-shirts, bags, stationery, or simply prop it in your room!
Another of my demo plate:

And this project is also a favorite and great exercise
for drawing and painting for my students:
Done by an adult special student using watercolor on sketchpad.
This is his second plate in the session and his tiredness is evident.
He does not want to add any other embellishments.
Another work by another adult special student:

And these are the works of my other students using
watercolor pencils and acrylic on canvas:
Done by a 7-year-old girl.
By an 8 year old.
By 8 year old.
By 10 year old.
By a 12 year old.