19 May 2016

Remembering/Rethinking EDSA @MCad

In the thirty years since the "People Power Revolution" of 1986, there is still no consensus on what EDSA was and what it means.

Remembering/Rethinking EDSA is an anthology that gathers the reminiscences and reflections of activists, academics, and artists, focusing not only on those who took part in the event, but also thise who came of age in the wake of EDSA. The act of remembering becomes an occasion for rethinking and reassessing the contested legacy of EDSA and its continuing implications for present and future generations of Filipinos.

For those who can not attend the book launching you can order the book thru email c/o: lhorie.tejada@gmail.com of Anvil/National Bookstore with the following information: name, delivery address or advise to pick up book at Anvil Office, contact number, and number of copies order.