18 July 2016

Cupcakes, Ice Cream and Cocoa in my Workshop!

Working with kids as young as 2 to 6 years old can be fun and tiring.
You have to keep watch for their every move.
You have to make sure everything is on hand,
that all the materials that you need is within reach,
and that every activity must be interesting
and learning must be fun and exciting.
So what can be more fun than drawing and painting food that they love and with different textures and explosion of colors that will allow their imagination to run wild. Strawberry cupcake with marshmallows topped with cherry or blueberry cupcakes sprinkled with chocolate bits topped with cherry? Ice cream flavors that sound yummy in colors that they have to capture: vanilla, strawberry, grape, mango, blueberry, chocolate! Yum!
By Aurelia, age 4
By Germaine, age 2
By Bennie & Stella, ages 3 & 6
When kids explore the shapes and colors to patterns and textures
they create a fun visual exercise that is memorable and fun!