21 March 2017

Landscape painting with Toddlers!

Working with toddlers is really a challenge because their attention span is only from 9 to 15 minutes. Since my sessions last for at least an hour, I have to make sure that I get their attention or least for them to understand what it is we are doing. When one of the kids in the group get restless and start playing, I allow it as long as he finish his work. Some kids understand the lesson faster than the others.

For this session, kids as young as 3 to 5 years old have to do circles in 3 sizes representing trees. We had drawing practice on circles and lines already so they are very familiar with it. 

The painting focuses on using the colors of the sky (blue), the trees (green = blue.+ yellow), white clouds, and dots of flowers (red, orange, yellow, white, etc.)