09 April 2017

Free Art Workshop in my community!

I was approached by a group of children playing in the streets one day and our conversations focused on what they do during summer vacations like now. I found out that they play dangerously in the streets, exposed to the cars passing by! Some of them become victims of criminal syndicates. 

I asked them if they knew about their rights as children. They shook their head. Kids who grew up in poor communities hardly know their rights. So I suggested that maybe I can give them a free art workshop while teaching them about their rights. They all got excited and practically camped at my door! So I hastily designed a module for them, wrote the barangay for a venue, bought some materials and prepared the activity logistics. And here's the outcome:

I gave a short lecture on the UN Convention on Children's Rights
before we tackled basic drawing techniques,
coloring, shading, and the color wheel!
Basic figurative drawing
Colored markers on paper!
Oil pastels on colored felt sheets!

After an hour, we took a snack break.
I brought some cookies and my friend Donna,
who volunteered to assist,
provided milk and water!
After snacks, I asked the kids to draw and color their ideal world
inspired by the Rights of the Child.
Using both the colored markers and oil pastels on illustration boards, 
the children created their own interpretation of what they wanted
to see and have in their environment!
So what is an ideal world for a child?
A safe home near school, health center, church and a playground!
Since most of these kids play in the streets
a playground with their favorite slide, 
swing, seesaw, are something missing 
in their environment!
This activity will not be possible without the support
of Kap. Kitten Campos and her secretary Nat 
for providing us the free use of the barangay library, 
and for friends like Donna de Belen!