12 June 2007

Sandpaper Art

A fun session using oil pastel and abrasive paper.
You have to be careful because the rough paper can
easily hurt children's fragile hands. But as soon as
they get the hang of it, they will love it! They can easily
create designs and use all bright colors because the
paper is black and all the colors will surely stand out. . . .

A fun, interactive exercise wherein the abrasive
paper is passed around several times and the participants
gets to apply his creativity using pastels on all the sheets!
Fun, quick and with fantastic results!
(Tip: Accompany the session with upbeat music)

Barangay San Vicente, Laguna. 2005. Ages 11 to 16

These were actually appreciation plates made by the workshop participants that were given
to all the people who helped make this Visual Art workshop free to the community.

CreativeKids, Alabang. 2007. Ages 6 to 9

These workshop plates made from the workshop I conducted were included in the exhibition of the CreativeKids studio of Bambi Manosa Tanjutco at the Palms Country Club, May 2007.

Individual Plates (my scholars!)

Kathryn Francisco, age 11 (2005)

Steffi Ame, age 16 (2005)

Ashley Espiritu, age 14 (2005)

CJ Alayon, age 17 (2005)

Included at the BSV exhibit at Jollibee and the Barangay Library