24 June 2007

Drawing Sessions

I normally begin my workshop with basic line drawings.

I combine two basic shapes
like a rectangle and a circle -

and later apply tonal values (shading)

for students
to see and appreciate the dramatic effect.
Kids get challenged when they see results.

From these basic shapes, students can create their own compositions. Since my session lasts from one to two hours only, I have to learn to demonstrate in 5 minutes drawing upside down with the paper facing the students! Below is a student's series of drawings:

Czarina Lokin, age 7 (2006)

Another challenging and fun exercise on drawing a kid's favorite subject. This is a one-hour session with the De los Santos kids (ages 5 & 6) I did in 2006.

For the drawing session of the CreativeKids summer workshop (ages 6-9)
under the Visual Arts module (8 sessions), I made the kids copy four objects (actual objects from a life-sized flip-flops to a small safety pin!) to practice their lines and visual perception with great results! Below, my demo and the students plates!

my demo plate

Andie Syyap, age 8 (2007)

Stefi Palaganas, age 9 (2007)

demo plate

Monina Elazegui, age 9 (2007)

demo plate

Mathew Pastrana, age 7 (2007)

demo plate

Luisa Manosa, age 9 (2007)

Four drawing plates done in one session as exhibited at the Palms Country Club, May 2007