18 June 2007

Oil Pastel & Felt Paper

Alyssa Abad, age 7 (2007)

The is a one hour and a half hands-on session that explores the medium of oil pastel on paper, felt paper and sandpaper. The objective is to allow the students to experiment using a variety of materials for techniques and design. Since oil pastel can be messy and blending colors for tonal values (dark to light, etc.) can be challenging, the felt paper and sandpaper are fun moments
since the oil pastel can easily glide and stick to the rough surface while its colored background (or black for sandpaper) project their
designs dramatically (check also blog on sandpaper).

Andie Syyap, age 8 (2007)

Monina Elazegui, age 9 (2007)

Natasha Manosa Tanjutco, age 7 (2007)

Andie Andrada, age 8 (2006)

Czarina Lokin, age 7 (2006)

Rocio Puno, age 8 (2006)

Felt paper is also excellent for making masks fast!

Matthew Hernandez, age 8 (2007)

Adie Hernandez, age 6 (2007)

The other advantage is that both felt paper and sandpaper are so affordable (cost around P20), parents can stock up on these materials at home so kids can continue to enjoy creating their designs and composition.