26 June 2007

Printmaking Sessions

Paper fold exercise
Dipper Lachica, age 7

Printing is fun! Children can discover ways to make extraordinary shapes and textures and repeat the pattern lots of times within a few minutes. This session is a great introduction to fine prints and editions (number of times a pattern was produced). I always bring pictures of artworks done by local artists (see blog on Fil Delacruz). When the kids go on a museum/gallery tour I ask them to find and identify different prints and check the editions.

Paper-fold exercise

Nicholas Gayanelo, age 8 (2006)

Printing leaves
Kids get to choose and pick the leaves that they like!

Anton Medina, age 7 (2006)

Collage Blocks
made of sticks, strings, paper clips, sinamay cloth, etc.

Rocio Puno, age 8 (2006)