26 June 2007

Portrait Collage!

Monina Elazegui, age 9 (2007)

Andie Syyap, age 8 (2007)

Mathew Pastrana, age 7 (2007)

Natasha Tanjutco, age 7 (2007)

Melissa Elazegui, age 6 (2007)

Steffi Palaganas, age 9 (2007)

Alyssa Abad, age 7 (2007)

This is a session on assemblage using digital images, acrylic paints, beads, strings, glitters and other found objects. One of the best self-portrait projects I had with cool results!

Designed and facilitated by Lui S. Bacaltos and Bambi Manosa Tanjutco for the CreativeKids Visual Arts workshop, Alabang, 2007