27 August 2007

What Is Your Artwork?


You need not look far.
Just face the mirror and voila!

Your body is your canvas!
You use your creativity
to project your own personal style.
From the way you style your hair
The color and type of fabric
you choose for your clothes,
shoes and fashion accessories . . .

It is quite similar when you work
with a modeling clay and you
create and re-create 'images'
that will project the kind of image
you want the public to see.

You may want to appear cool
serious, simple, or superb
and you create that look
every single day . . .

You 'artwork' says a lot about you.
Who you are and how you perceive things
is what you project to the outside world.

However, it can not possibly say
and project everything about you.
Because a part of you can not be projected
through appearances and aesthetic alone.
One must probe beyond the material
to really know the other hidden parts
which some say is the 'real you'. . .

Just like a great work of art
something equally substantial
is hidden and can only be known
when one takes the challenge
to learn more and see more.