25 April 2008

Earth Day Tour

The Creative Kids museum tour was moved early to April 22 to coincide with the Earth Day celebration at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP). The CCP scheduled a whole day festivities which started early morning at the bay. When we arrived at the CCP in the afternoon, the group has assembled at the CCP lobby for a program . . .

My students at the painting workshop under Creative Kids Arts & Craft of Bambi M. Tanjutco were joined by Bambi's students (a total of 15 kids from the planned 10 plus several adult companions) and our scheduled tour was from 1 to 5 PM.

At the CCP, I pointed out the large-scale works of Arturo Luz, Cesar Legaspi, Roberto Villanueva and most of the CCP's collection displayed along the hallways. Our stop is at the exhibit on the second floor of Architect Jomike Tejido's "Under A Woven Canopy" where he painted on banig (the local handwoven pandanus mats) his visions of dreamy forests and abstract Philippine animals, a fitting inspiration to our students who are working on the environment theme this year.

As planned, Jomike led the students for an interaction painting on several banig sheets he brought specially for the Creative Kids. We brought the painting materials and the kids enjoyed painting on banig for the first time!

Painting on textured surfaces like banig create exciting patterns which provide an endless challenge to young creative minds. And their finished works and happy smiles are an indication of the fun and adventure they had with Jomike and his banig challenge. Thank you Jomike for that great session!

The works of the children (shown here with Jomike with his beautiful artworks on exhibit behind us) will be included in the Creative Kids exhibit scheduled on May 10 in Alabang.

It feels great to be at the CCP again. I rarely find time to catch a lot of exhibitions in Manila and the ones I saw (including Tejido's) were quite refreshing. Being at the CCP made me remember the late Sid Hildawa and how, even in his absence, I can still feel his presence at the works I see.

When I looked out the window from the 4th Floor of the CCP, I saw the beautiful Manila Bay and could not resist capturing the scene with my camera. A fitting tribute to the celebration of Earth Day . . .

We failed to have our quick tour of the Juan Luna mural at the National Museum. Our sincerest apologies, Ms. Cora Alvina! But don't worry because we hope to do that sometime this year.

Catch Jomike Tejido's CCP exhibit until May 4. And visit his site - http://jmtejido.multiply.com/
Thanks to the assistance of Onet of the CCP for helping our group in the workshop.